Killa Tay – RNS Power To The People


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1 Smashing 03:50
2 So What 03:42
3 Reality 05:28
4 New Dudes 04:14
5 F.U. Pay Me 02:58
6 RNS 03:35
7 The Struggle 04:53
8 Illegal Business 04:05
9 Cali To The 206 04:40
10 Dreams To Reality 04:00
11 Worst Haters 03:25
12 Ridin And Slidin 03:37
13 On The West Coast 04:35
14 2nite’s Bout 2 Be On 04:40
15 Thats Where I Came From!! 05:03
16 Bloody Murder 01:53


“RNS Power To The People” is a powerful project by Fresno, California rapper Killa Tay. Released in 2014 by Bay Area West Coast Mafia, the album features 16 tracks that reflect on the struggles and triumphs of life in the West Coast. Killa Tay’s captivating storytelling and lyrical skills are on full display, providing an authentic and gripping listening experience.

The album kicks off with the energetic “Smashing” and “So What,” setting the stage for Killa Tay’s unique perspective on life. “Reality” delves deeper into the challenges and experiences that shape his worldview, while “New Dudes” offers a critique of the changing rap game.

“F.U. Pay Me” and “RNS” showcase Killa Tay’s ambition and determination to succeed in the music industry, highlighting his unapologetic approach to his craft. “The Struggle” and “Illegal Business” provide a raw and honest look into the darker side of life on the streets.

“Cali To The 206” celebrates Killa Tay’s West Coast roots and connections, while “Dreams To Reality” serves as an inspiring testament to his journey and accomplishments. “Worst Haters” addresses the obstacles and negativity faced on the path to success, and “Ridin And Slidin” showcases Killa Tay’s unwavering commitment to his hustle.

“On The West Coast” and “2nite’s Bout 2 Be On” provide a lively and engaging tribute to the culture and lifestyle of the region, while “Thats Where I Came From!!” reflects on Killa Tay’s personal experiences and growth. The album closes with the hard-hitting “Bloody Murder,” leaving a lasting impression of Killa Tay’s talent and passion for his music.



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