Killa Tay – Killa Tay Presents Eargasms 2


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1 Let Us Know 04:38
Featuring – The Mobfigaz
2 Loaded 03:10
Featuring – Jay B
3 I’m Winnin 04:38
Featuring – Young Doe, Innerstate Ike
4 M-O-B 03:31
Featuring – Liq, T-Nutty
5 Yezzir 02:37
6 25 Wit A 04:08
Featuring – Mac Reese
7 So Cold In These Streets 02:52
Featuring – GQ, Sleepy Wil, Mahem
8 Keepin It Mobbin 03:40
Featuring – West Coast Stone
9 Smashin 03:47
Featuring – Jay Tunes, Sleepy Will
10 I Feel Like 05:02
Featuring – Gorilla Gang
11 Madea Perry Niggas 03:29
Featuring – Skitzo
12 Classic 03:51
Featuring – West Coast Stone
13 Gorillas In The Trunk 04:09
Featuring – Marvaless
14 West Coast Life 04:40
Featuring – Trianna, Gorilla Gang, KeyLoom
15 Knock It Down 02:52
Featuring – Intl Skeam
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16 Change Your Life (OG) 03:37
Featuring – Skiem Hiem


“Killa Tay Presents Eargasms 2” is an impressive mixtape by Fresno, California rapper Killa Tay. Released in 2015 by Bay Area WCM, this project is a testament to Killa Tay’s talent as both an artist and curator. The 16-track mixtape features collaborations with a variety of notable artists, including The Mobfigaz, Young Doe, Innerstate Ike, T-Nutty, West Coast Stone, Marvaless, and more.

The mixtape kicks off with “Let Us Know,” featuring The Mobfigaz, setting the tone for the project with its gritty sound and aggressive lyrics. The mixtape continues with tracks like “Loaded,” featuring Jay B, and “I’m Winnin,” a collaboration with Young Doe and Innerstate Ike, showcasing Killa Tay’s ability to work seamlessly with other artists.

“M-O-B,” featuring Liq and T-Nutty, and “Yezzir” further emphasize Killa Tay’s skill in crafting memorable hooks and verses. Collaborations with Mac Reese on “25 Wit A” and West Coast Stone on “Keepin It Mobbin” and “Classic” add diversity and depth to the project.

“So Cold In These Streets,” featuring GQ, Sleepy Wil, and Mahem, and “Smashin,” featuring Jay Tunes and Sleepy Will, provide a glimpse into the harsh realities of street life. Killa Tay teams up with Marvaless on “Gorillas In The Trunk” and with Trianna, Gorilla Gang, and KeyLoom on “West Coast Life,” further solidifying the mixtape’s West Coast vibe.

The project concludes with “Knock It Down,” featuring Intl Skeam, and “Change Your Life (OG),” featuring Skiem Hiem, offering a satisfying end to a diverse and captivating mixtape.



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