Keitarock – Let’z Get’it Crack’n


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1 In Da Hood We Trust 04:00
Featuring – Gonzoe
2 I’m On One… 04:19
Featuring – Bruce Wane
3 Be My Lady 03:55
Featuring – Me-Me, Tha Young Hoggs
4 Can’t F#@k Wit This 03:58
Featuring – Tha Low-Lifes
5 I Know… 03:10
Featuring – Jaz’Mina, Suga Free
6 Represent’n 03:50
Featuring – De Ja Vu
7 Straight From The Streetz 04:03
Featuring – Bruce Wane
8 Fast Life 04:14
Featuring – Dresta Da’ Gangsta
9 Let’z Get It Crack’n 04:02
Featuring – Malikin
10 That’z Big 04:00
Featuring – Mista Cavi
11 Hit’cha Upside Yo’ Head 04:39
Featuring – Tha Young Hoggs
12 Where Da Hoodstas At? 04:06
Featuring – Gonzoe
13 Ouch… 04:24
Featuring – C.J. Mac
14 L.A. Crime Bosses 03:50
Featuring – Me-Me, Mista Cavi


“Let’z Get’it Crack’n” is the one and only studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Keitarock, released on January 8, 2002, by AMC American Music. This album showcases Keitarock’s distinct style, merging G-Funk and Gangsta hip-hop elements while featuring a star-studded lineup of guest artists.

The album kicks off with “In Da Hood We Trust,” featuring Gonzoe, setting a strong tone for the rest of the record. “I’m On One…” follows, with guest artist Bruce Wane adding his touch to the track. Keitarock continues to deliver catchy hooks and captivating storytelling with songs like “Be My Lady,” featuring Me-Me and Tha Young Hoggs, and “Can’t F#@k Wit This,” featuring Tha Low-Lifes.

“I Know…” features Jaz’Mina and Suga Free, adding a melodic touch to the album, while “Represent’n” showcases De Ja Vu’s talents. “Straight From The Streetz” brings back Bruce Wane for another collaboration, and “Fast Life” features Dresta Da’ Gangsta, further diversifying the album’s sound.

The title track, “Let’z Get It Crack’n,” features Malikin and exemplifies Keitarock’s signature style. “That’z Big” brings in Mista Cavi for a high-energy track, while “Hit’cha Upside Yo’ Head” reunites Keitarock with Tha Young Hoggs. “Where Da Hoodstas At?” features Gonzoe once again, and “Ouch…” showcases C.J. Mac’s talents.

The album closes with “L.A. Crime Bosses,” a collaboration with Me-Me and Mista Cavi, wrapping up the dynamic and captivating collection of tracks. As a former Death Row Records signee and member of the WS Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crip, Keitarock brings authenticity and passion to his music, making “Let’z Get’it Crack’n” a memorable album for hip-hop enthusiasts.



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