Keak Da Sneak – On One


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1 The O 04:38
2 Same O Thang 05:04
3 Get Doe 04:01
4 High Tonight 04:46
5 Street Stars 04:11
6 Playa Ass Nigga’s 03:03
7 Get It Started 04:41
8 Soldierz 06:26
Featuring – Yokmouth
9 Like What 04:17
Featuring – Delinquents
10 Fuck With These Hoe’s 04:16
11 Full Circle 04:33
Featuring – Kurupt


“On One” is a studio album by the acclaimed Oakland, California rapper, Keak Da Sneak. Released in 2005 under the label Sidwayz Records, this album stays true to Keak’s signature hyphy and thug rap styles. The album features collaborations with notable artists such as Yokmouth, Delinquents, and Kurupt, adding to its diverse and dynamic appeal. As a follow-up to his previous albums, “On One” showcases Keak Da Sneak’s growth as an artist and his continued contributions to the hyphy movement.

In this album, Keak Da Sneak delivers a collection of tracks that reflect his unique sound and style. From the opening track “The O” to the closing track “Full Circle,” fans are taken on a journey through the gritty streets of Oakland, with Keak’s distinct, gravelly voice and hard-hitting beats setting the tone. Standout tracks include “Get Doe,” which showcases Keak’s unwavering dedication to success, and “Soldierz” featuring Yokmouth, a powerful collaboration that highlights the strength and loyalty of those in the rap game.

Other notable tracks include “Like What,” a collaboration with Delinquents that highlights the fun side of the hyphy movement, and “Full Circle,” which features the legendary Kurupt, showcasing the unity and solidarity within the hip-hop community. Overall, “On One” is a strong addition to Keak Da Sneak’s discography and a testament to his enduring presence in the rap scene.



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