Keak Da Sneak – Cheddar Cheese I Say


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1 There They Go 03:23
Featuring – Big Hollis, Goldie
2 Chance Taka 03:30
Featuring – Complex, Krytykal
3 Tatta Puttie 02:22
4 Let ‘Em Cut Their Own Throat 03:01
5 Show Off 03:03
Featuring – Complex
6 So Serious 03:57
Featuring – Tieck Tock
7 Call Me Keak Da Sneak 02:52
Featuring – D-Buck
8 You Did Something 01:36
9 The Names 02:29
10 Against The Wall 03:45
11 Making All Rights 03:58
12 All P’s 04:16
Featuring – Sycosis
13 Bussing 03:00
14 Go 04:28
Featuring – Sycosis
15 The Sneak Come Out 03:12
16 The Female Funk 02:12
17 Get Hyphy 02:39


“Cheddar Cheese I Say” is a studio album by Oakland-based rapper Keak Da Sneak, known for his gravelly voice and contributions to the hyphy movement. Released on August 28, 2012, by RBC Records, this album showcases Keak Da Sneak’s unique style and unmatched talent in the hip hop genre.

The album opens with “There They Go,” featuring Big Hollis and Goldie, setting the tone for the rest of the project. Throughout the album, Keak Da Sneak collaborates with various artists, including Complex, Krytykal, Tieck Tock, D-Buck, and Sycosis, demonstrating his ability to work with diverse talent and create a cohesive sound.

Tracks like “Tatta Puttie,” “Let ‘Em Cut Their Own Throat,” and “Show Off” highlight Keak Da Sneak’s signature hyphy style, with catchy hooks and energetic beats that are sure to get listeners moving. Other notable tracks on the album include “So Serious,” “Call Me Keak Da Sneak,” “Against the Wall,” and “Making All Rights.”

“Cheddar Cheese I Say” is a perfect representation of Keak Da Sneak’s contribution to the Oakland hip hop scene, with its hyphy style and engaging tracks that are both danceable and thought-provoking. The album, with catalog number RBC-CD-284, is released in a digipak format, making it an attractive addition to any hip hop fan’s collection.



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