K.I.L. – Ready Or Not


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1 Smiling Faces 04:27
2 Ready Or Not 04:53
3 What Does It Take To Be A “G” 04:38
4 Livin Tha Life 04:30
5 Who’s Ta Blame 05:02
6 The G Shit 04:53
7 Bitches On My Tip 04:39
8 What Does It Take To Be A “G” (Hard Core) 04:38
9 Playahata’s On The Roam 05:04
10 Hard Headed 04:24
11 Shots Out 03:13


“Ready Or Not” is the debut studio album by Fresno, California-based rap group K.I.L. (Keep It Live), released in 1996 by Nae-Pomb Records. The album showcases the talents of rappers Cool D, Lenny Len, and Spade, who come together to create a raw and authentic gangsta rap sound. With 11 tracks, “Ready Or Not” takes listeners on a journey through the experiences and struggles of life in the streets.

The album kicks off with “Smiling Faces,” setting the tone for the gritty and honest stories to follow. The title track, “Ready Or Not,” delivers a powerful message about the realities of the rap game and life. “What Does It Take To Be A ‘G'” explores the challenges and expectations that come with living a gangsta lifestyle.

“Livin Tha Life” continues the narrative, highlighting the highs and lows of street life. “Who’s Ta Blame” questions the circumstances that lead people down a certain path, while “The G Shit” celebrates the strength and determination it takes to survive in a tough environment.

“Bitches On My Tip” brings a more playful vibe to the album, while “What Does It Take To Be A ‘G’ (Hard Core)” offers a harder, more intense version of the earlier track. “Playahata’s On The Roam” confronts the jealousy and negativity that can come with success.

“Hard Headed” delves into the stubbornness and resilience often found in those living the gangsta lifestyle, and the closing track, “Shots Out,” provides shout-outs to friends and supporters of the group.

“Ready Or Not” is a raw and unfiltered look into the world of K.I.L. (Keep It Live), providing listeners with an authentic representation of the gangsta rap genre.



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