June Bug – Watch Yo Back


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1 Intro – Big Balls McGraw 00:47
2 That’z Gangsta 03:33
3 Give It All You Got 04:20
4 Pussy Ain’t The Same 03:34
5 Interlude – Fallin’ In Love Wit Hoes 01:14
6 Watch Yo Back 04:02
7 Destiny 03:31
8 Fear No Evil 03:43
9 Interlude – What’s Up 00:52
10 I’m The One 04:03
11 Table Dance 03:31
12 This Is How We Do It 04:27
13 25 Ta Life 04:19
14 Outro – Big Balls McGraw 01:13


“Watch Yo Back” is the one and only studio album by Compton, California rapper June Bug. Released on October 17, 2000, by Groove City Records, the album showcases June Bug’s skills as a rapper and his contribution to the West Coast Hip Hop scene, particularly in the G-Funk and Gangsta subgenres.

The 14-track album is a blend of smooth G-Funk and gritty Gangsta rap, reflecting the realities of life in Compton. The album kicks off with the “Intro Big Balls McGraw” and dives into memorable tracks like “That’z Gangsta,” “Give It All You Got,” and the title track “Watch Yo Back.” The album also features interludes such as “Falling In Love With Hoes” and “Whats Up?”, offering a break from the heavier tracks.

Throughout the album, June Bug’s storytelling ability and lyrical prowess shine, as he delves into topics ranging from love and heartbreak to street life and survival. Standout tracks like “Destiny,” “Fear No Evil,” and “25 Ta Life” demonstrate June Bug’s versatility as an artist, as well as his ability to create catchy hooks and memorable verses.

Although June Bug’s discography is limited to this one studio album, “Watch Yo Back” remains a testament to his talent and potential within the Hip Hop genre. For fans of G-Funk and Gangsta rap, this album serves as a snapshot of the West Coast Hip Hop scene at the turn of the millennium and a noteworthy addition to any music collection.



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