Joe Moses – Live 4rom The 5ive


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1 L4t5 (Intro) 02:05
2 Troopin’ 02:52
3 ‘Bout The Action 03:29
Featuring – M.I.L.$, Lil Meech, Hetho, Pt Da Great
4 Ask Me 01:49
5 Word Around Town 02:54
6 This Hand 03:11
Featuring – M.I.L.$
7 Geekin’ 02:45
Featuring – M.I.L.$
8 Whoop Whoop 02:35
Featuring – Jay 305
9 Wcw 03:14
Featuring – Wale
10 To A Boss 02:58
Featuring – Ty Dolla Sign
11 I Kan Tell 02:27
12 Harden 03:49
13 I Been 03:24
14 Trippin’ 03:16
15 Go Head 02:47
16 Touch It 03:15
17 O Lord 04:18
18 Appreciate You 03:24
Featuring – Kamaar G
19 Right Now 02:59
Featuring – Waseem
20 Money Motivate 02:38
Featuring – Waseem


“Live 4rom The 5ive” is a dynamic mixtape by Los Angeles-based rapper Joe Moses. Released on July 25, 2016, under the N.W.B. Music label, this project showcases Joe Moses’ versatile rap skills and distinctive sound. With 20 tracks in total, the mixtape is packed with a variety of styles and collaborations, making it a must-listen for hip-hop enthusiasts.

Featuring guest appearances from M.I.L.$, Lil Meech, Hetho, Pt Da Great, Jay 305, Wale, Ty Dolla Sign, Kamaar G, and Waseem, “Live 4rom The 5ive” offers an eclectic mix of tracks. From the catchy beats of “Troopin'” and “Word Around Town” to the introspective lyrics of “I Kan Tell” and “O Lord,” the mixtape demonstrates Joe Moses’ ability to create music that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

Standout tracks include “Bout The Action,” featuring an ensemble of M.I.L.$, Lil Meech, Hetho, and Pt Da Great, and “Wcw,” a collaboration with the talented Wale. Additionally, Ty Dolla Sign lends his signature sound to “To A Boss,” while Kamaar G and Waseem make appearances on “Appreciate You” and “Right Now” respectively.

With “Live 4rom The 5ive,” Joe Moses establishes himself as a formidable talent in the hip-hop scene, delivering a project that is both engaging and memorable. This mixtape is a testament to Joe Moses’ dedication to his craft and his ability to create powerful music that leaves a lasting impression.



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