J-Thug – Hustlin Til I Fall


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1 Intro 01:12
2 Players Play 03:23
3 Bitch You Know You Want To Ride 04:46
4 Roll Call 03:32
5 Big City Dreams 04:42
6 Tittys Jiggle 01:58
7 Intermission 00:41
8 Who Is Next 03:08
9 Parkin Lot Pimpin 03:49
10 Hate 04:13
11 Where Your Friends At 05:22
12 Intermission 00:38
13 How Many Records 03:54
14 You Can’t Stop Me 04:01
15 No Pain No Game 03:32
16 Back Up Or Get Beat 04:16
17 Hustler Get Your Groove On 03:45
18 Will It Ever Change 04:43
19 Outro 01:08


“Hustlin Til I Fall” is a rare and exceptional album by rapper J-Thug, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on May 14, 2001, by Come On In Records, the album was produced by the renowned DJ Battlecat. The album boasts a unique G-Funk style that remains a significant influence on the hip-hop scene.

The album opens with an “Intro,” setting the stage for J-Thug’s signature sound, with DJ Battlecat’s production skills shining throughout. “Players Play” establishes the album’s tone, highlighting J-Thug’s confidence and prowess in delivering catchy verses.

“Bitch You Know You Want To Ride” and “Roll Call” delve deeper into the street-savvy themes and boastful lyrics that are characteristic of J-Thug’s style. “Big City Dreams” and “Tittys Jiggle” offer a playful and light-hearted take on life, showcasing J-Thug’s versatility as an artist.

The album’s intermission gives listeners a brief moment to catch their breath before diving into “Who Is Next” and “Parkin Lot Pimpin,” two tracks that continue to showcase J-Thug’s skillful wordplay and captivating storytelling abilities.

“Hate” and “Where Your Friends At” explore themes of loyalty and trust, demonstrating the rapper’s introspective side. The album then transitions into “How Many Records” and “You Can’t Stop Me,” where J-Thug asserts his dominance in the rap game.

“No Pain No Game” and “Back Up Or Get Beat” serve as reminders of the tough realities of street life, while “Hustler Get Your Groove On” encourages listeners to stay resilient and focused on their goals. “Will It Ever Change” poses a thought-provoking question, before the album concludes with a reflective “Outro.”



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