J-Ride – Da Long Awaited


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1 Intro 00:28
2 All About Commin’ Up 04:39
3 Look At Tha Way 04:35
4 Let’s Get Outta’ Here 04:37
5 I Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Makin’ Love 04:40
Featuring – Slim
6 U Don’t Know 04:42
7 Niggaz & Bitches 03:50
Featuring – P-Nut
8 Long Live Da King 02:53
9 Damn Fool 05:15
Featuring – Tanisha
10 Ignit (Skit) 00:37
Featuring – White Worm
11 What They Thank They Doin’ 04:10
12 I Ain’t Got Time 04:44
Featuring – Rell Locc
13 I Can’t Tell 04:40
14 Blockin’ & A Erbbin’ 04:59
Featuring – B.G.
15 Baby We Bacc 04:19
16 Ride 04:26
17 Outro 01:19


“Da Long Awaited” is the one and only studio album by Compton, California-based rapper J-Ride, released on November 4, 2003, by Prosperity Records. The album showcases J-Ride’s G-Funk style with a selection of 17 tracks, featuring collaborations with fellow artists such as Slim, P-Nut, Tanisha, White Worm, Rell Locc, and B.G.

The album kicks off with an “Intro,” setting the stage for a journey through J-Ride’s experiences growing up in Compton. The second track, “All About Commin’ Up,” delves into the struggles and aspirations of a young artist trying to make a name for himself. With “Look At Tha Way” and “Let’s Get Outta’ Here,” J-Ride demonstrates his skills as a storyteller, reflecting on life in the streets and the challenges faced by those living in his community.

Collaborating with Slim on “I Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Makin’ Love,” J-Ride explores themes of love and relationships from a gritty, realistic perspective. “U Don’t Know” and “Niggaz & Bitches,” featuring P-Nut, continue to showcase J-Ride’s ability to balance introspection with hard-hitting beats and memorable hooks.

With tracks like “Long Live Da King,” “Damn Fool” featuring Tanisha, and “Ignit (Skit)” with White Worm, J-Ride offers a mix of social commentary, humor, and raw storytelling. Songs like “What They Thank They Doin’,” “I Ain’t Got Time” featuring Rell Locc, “I Can’t Tell,” and “Blockin’ & A Erbbin'” with B.G., reinforce J-Ride’s dedication to his G-Funk roots and his talent for creating captivating narratives.

The album concludes with “Baby We Bacc,” “Ride,” and an “Outro,” bringing J-Ride’s journey full circle and leaving listeners with a memorable impression of this talented Compton rapper.



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