J-Dubb – Money, Trees & Real Estate


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1 Puttin It Down 04:28
Featuring – Spice 1
2 Club Hoppin 04:02
Featuring – Unique
3 Money 04:10
4 The Skit 00:47
5 Life 03:40
Featuring – Too Short
6 Get Wit This! 04:55
7 We Get Jocked By-em 03:52
Featuring – Huc-A-Buc
8 Never Sober 04:02
Featuring – 8-Ball, Rappin’ 4-Tay
9 Pass Tha Dosia 04:09
Featuring – G.C.
10 Game Spillin 04:39
Featuring – E-40
11 Mishin 03:37
Featuring – Mr Mike, O.C.
12 Murda 04:03
13 Con-sa-quenz 04:57
Featuring – Rankin Skrew, Turf Hoggs
14 On Dubb’s 03:49
Featuring – Grip
15 Life – The Sir Jinx Re-Mix 04:03
Featuring – Too Short


Money, Trees & Real Estate is a compelling studio album by Oakland, California-based rapper J-Dubb. Released on October 3, 2000, by Desperado Records, the album showcases J-Dubb’s captivating rap skills and his ability to collaborate with some of the most iconic names in the hip-hop world. The album boasts 15 tracks that offer a mix of gangsta rap and West Coast hip-hop, with J-Dubb (real name Leo Ramsey) serving as both rapper and producer.

The album features a stellar lineup of guest appearances, including Spice 1 on “Puttin It Down,” Unique on “Club Hoppin,” Too Short on “Life” and its remix, Huc-A-Buc on “We Get Jocked By-em,” 8-Ball and Rappin’ 4-Tay on “Never Sober,” G.C. on “Pass Tha Dosia,” E-40 on “Game Spillin,” Mr Mike and O.C. on “Mishin,” Rankin Skrew and Turf Hoggs on “Con-sa-quenz,” and Grip on “On Dubb’s.”

Money, Trees & Real Estate kicks off with the hard-hitting track “Puttin It Down,” featuring Spice 1, setting the tone for an album that captures the essence of West Coast rap. Tracks like “Club Hoppin” and “We Get Jocked By-em” showcase J-Dubb’s ability to create catchy hooks, while songs like “Money,” “Get Wit This!” and “Murda” demonstrate his prowess as a solo artist.

J-Dubb’s collaboration with the legendary Too Short on “Life” and its Sir Jinx Remix is a standout moment on the album, blending their distinctive styles in a seamless manner. Other notable collaborations include “Never Sober” featuring 8-Ball and Rappin’ 4-Tay, and “Game Spillin” with E-40.

Executive produced by Devin DeHaven and Rick Lobley, Money, Trees & Real Estate is a testament to J-Dubb’s undeniable talent in the hip-hop genre. With its strong beats, memorable collaborations, and powerful lyrics, this album is a must-have for fans of West Coast rap and those who appreciate authentic, unfiltered hip-hop.



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