Insane Poetry – Blacc Plague


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1 Intro 02:11
2 Wrong Neck Of Da Woodz 04:15
3 Who Runs The Mutha Fucka 03:20
4 You Better Ask Somebody 96 04:41
5 On Deadly Ground 03:21
6 Mr Swine 03:21
7 Niggaz Only Live To Die 03:04
8 Home Of The Body Bagz 03:34
9 Killa Instinct 03:48
10 In The Mouth Of Maddness 04:05
11 66.6 FM Radio Kill 00:36
12 Mirror, Mirror 03:45
13 How The Wicked Kickit 03:32
14 Outro 02:26


“Blacc Plague” is the second studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group Insane Poetry, released on August 20, 1996, through Nightbreed Records and React Recordings. The group, known for their innovative horrorcore style, employs chilling horror-movie imagery and graphic depictions of gore to deliver biting social commentary on American society.

This 14-track album features a blend of hardcore hip-hop beats and sinister lyrics that exemplify the group’s signature “Terrifying Style.” With tracks produced by DJ Streek, Lumbajak, Joe Cooley, and Cyco, the album offers a dark and intense listening experience. Notable songs include “Wrong Neck of Da’ Woodz,” “You Better Ask Somebody 96,” “Home of the Body Bagz,” and “Killa Instinct.”

Recorded at Two Guys in the Valley and Studio Dee, and mixed at Track House in Los Angeles, “Blacc Plague” showcases the group’s creative prowess and unwavering commitment to their horrorcore roots. The album features the talents of Shakespeare The One Man Riot, and the striking cover art and photography by B+ and Brian Cross add to the album’s haunting aesthetic.

“Blacc Plague” stands as a testament to Insane Poetry’s influence on the horrorcore genre and their ability to captivate listeners with their unique brand of provocative storytelling and social critique.



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