Ice Cube – Remain Calm


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1 Drop Girl Uz 03:59
2 Sic Them Youngins On Em 03:22
3 The Position 03:17
4 Rebel Music (Remix) 03:38
5 Cali Boy 03:18
6 Reckless In The Booth 02:03
7 How I Act In A Low Low 05:26
8 Betta Betta Run 03:58
9 Hit Some 00:30
10 Ready To Die 03:53
11 This Here Ain’t The Same Old 03:32
12 Play Ball 03:35
13 New Order 02:28
14 Architect Of Gangsta Rap 02:21
15 The Shit Mane 01:44
16 Are You A Grown Crack Baby 03:00
17 Come And Get It 03:17


“Remain Calm” is a mixtape by legendary rapper Ice Cube, released on April 6, 2015, by Cover City Rec. The mixtape serves as a prelude to Ice Cube’s highly anticipated album “Everythangs Corrupt,” showcasing the rapper’s incredible talent and building anticipation for the main release.

The 17-track mixtape presents a mix of new tracks and remixes, highlighting Ice Cube’s signature lyrical prowess and hard-hitting beats. Kicking off with the pulsating “Drop Girl Uz,” Ice Cube quickly sets the tone for the mixtape, showcasing his unmistakable flow and unmatched storytelling abilities.

Tracks like “Sic Them Youngins On Em,” “The Position,” and “Rebel Music (Remix)” continue to demonstrate Ice Cube’s undeniable talent and his ability to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of hip-hop. The mixtape also features tracks like “Cali Boy,” “Reckless In The Booth,” and “How I Act In A Low Low,” which are perfect examples of Ice Cube’s unique blend of West Coast vibes and hard-hitting lyricism.

As the mixtape progresses, fans are treated to more captivating tracks such as “Betta Betta Run,” “Ready To Die,” “This Here Ain’t The Same Old,” and “Play Ball.” The mixtape concludes with “New Order,” “Architect Of Gangsta Rap,” “The Shit Mane,” “Are You A Grown Crack Baby,” and “Come And Get It,” rounding out this exciting prelude to Ice Cube’s “Everythangs Corrupt.”

“Remain Calm” is a must-listen for fans of Ice Cube and anyone looking forward to the release of “Everythangs Corrupt.” The mixtape showcases the rapper’s continued influence in the hip-hop scene and offers a tantalizing taste of what’s to come in the full-length album.



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