I Smooth 7 – Ghetto Life


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1 Intro 01:20
2 So Much Luv 04:43
3 Ghetto Life 04:14
4 Coolin’ In Da Ghetto 04:54
Featuring – Mista Mad Pup
5 Interlude 00:33
6 Nina 04:15
7 What’s Tha Real 05:13
8 Thought You Be Here 04:37
9 I Smooth 7 05:27
10 Interlude 00:31
11 Goin’ All Out 04:21
12 Kings & Queens 05:08
Featuring – DK Toon, Medusa, Mista Mad Pup
13 Witness A Death 05:37
14 Love For The Ghetto 04:32
15 Sets N Da West 04:47
Featuring – DK Toon
16 Interlude 03:41
17 Strugglin’ 04:54
Featuring – Abstract Rude, Ganjah K, Lil’ Juggsta, Minister Too Bad, Volume 10
18 My Hood In The Summertime 04:25
Featuring – DK Toon


“Ghetto Life” is an exceptionally rare album by Los Angeles rapper I Smooth 7. Initially recorded in 1995, the album was finally released in 2008 by II Tight LLC as a limited edition reissue in Japan. This hardcore hip-hop and gangsta rap album showcases I Smooth 7’s raw talent and his ability to paint vivid pictures of life in the ghetto.

The 18-track album kicks off with an “Intro,” setting the tone for the stories of love, struggle, and survival that follow. The album features standout tracks such as “So Much Luv,” which highlights the rapper’s smooth flow and soulful beats, and the titular track “Ghetto Life,” which offers a powerful portrayal of life in the hood.

The album also includes collaborations with various artists, such as “Coolin’ In Da Ghetto” featuring Mista Mad Pup, “Kings & Queens” with DK Toon, Medusa, and Mista Mad Pup, and “Sets N Da West” alongside DK Toon. Other notable tracks include “Nina,” a story of love and heartache, and “I Smooth 7,” a self-titled track showcasing the rapper’s lyrical prowess.

The album’s closing tracks, “Strugglin'” featuring Abstract Rude, Ganjah K, Lil’ Juggsta, Minister Too Bad, and Volume 10, and “My Hood In The Summertime” with DK Toon, exemplify the recurring themes of resilience and finding strength in community throughout the album. With its captivating storytelling and hard-hitting beats, “Ghetto Life” is a hidden gem in the world of hip-hop.



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