I Am Chayhood – Imma Dinosaur


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1 Bitches N Money 03:01
2 Drink In My Cup 03:16
3 F_These _Haters 03:53
4 For My Niggaz 03:40
5 Get That Check 03:29
6 Imma Hustler 04:10
7 Its Nuthin 03:10
8 Like A Dance 03:51
9 Love Songs 03:53
10 Money Song 03:04
11 My Minds Playin Tricks On Me 03:59
12 NoWutIMean 03:53
13 Tear Ut Up 03:52
14 The Stripper Pole 03:10
15 True 2 Da Game 04:26
16 Working Girl 03:54


“Imma Dinosaur” is a mixtape by Long Beach, California rapper I Am Chayhood, released on October 9, 2015 by Aidem Media Group. This 16-track project showcases the artist’s unique blend of hip-hop styles, with a focus on catchy hooks, energetic beats, and clever wordplay. I Am Chayhood demonstrates his versatility as a rapper and lyricist, with songs that delve into various themes, from the hustle of the streets to the complexities of relationships.

The mixtape opens with “Bitches N Money,” a high-energy track that sets the tone for the entire project. “Drink In My Cup” follows with its infectious rhythm and party vibe, ensuring that listeners will be nodding their heads to the beat. “F_These_Haters” is a defiant anthem, addressing the negativity that comes with success and fame.

“For My Niggaz” is a track dedicated to I Am Chayhood’s friends and supporters, while “Get That Check” serves as a motivational anthem for those working hard to make a living. “Imma Hustler” delves into the realities of the grind, with Chayhood’s storytelling abilities on full display.

“It’s Nuthin” and “Like A Dance” showcase the rapper’s ability to create catchy hooks, while “Love Songs” and “Money Song” offer introspective moments on the mixtape. “My Minds Playin Tricks On Me” addresses the mental challenges faced in life, while “NoWutIMean” serves as a powerful statement of self-confidence.

The mixtape continues with “Tear Ut Up,” an energetic track that keeps the momentum going, and “The Stripper Pole,” a playful ode to the nightlife. “True 2 Da Game” serves as a reminder of I Am Chayhood’s commitment to his craft and authenticity as an artist. The mixtape concludes with “Working Girl,” a track that celebrates the strength and resilience of women who hustle and grind to make ends meet.

Throughout “Imma Dinosaur,” I Am Chayhood showcases his ability to create memorable tracks with diverse themes and styles. The mixtape is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft, making him a standout artist in the hip-hop scene.



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