Hoop-La – Comin’ From The G-Side


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1 Intro 00:48
2 Ghetto Serenade 04:04
3 Chillin’ In The Studio 04:18
4 Layin’ In The Cuts 03:38
5 Player Hater 03:06
6 Hoop La Thang 03:49
7 Mass Confusion 04:24
8 Money 03:24
9 Drama 03:13
10 Griotical 04:12
11 Relevation 04:00
12 G-Side 03:17
13 D-Bess Posse 03:41


“Comin’ From The G-Side” is the debut album by rap duo Hoop-La, consisting of Damon Pierson and Robert Bess, hailing from South San Francisco and Daly City, California. Released on September 10, 1996, by D/Bess Recordings, the album showcases their unique blend of gangsta rap, heavily influenced by the G-funk sound popularized by artists like Dr. Dre and Too Short.

The album features 13 tracks, including memorable songs such as “Ghetto Serenade,” “Chillin’ In The Studio,” “Player Hater,” and “G-Side.” Hoop-La’s music resonates with the gritty realities of life in their urban environment, while their distinct style sets them apart from other artists in the genre.

The production on “Comin’ From The G-Side” is handled by the duo themselves – Damon Pierson and Robert Bess – who also founded their independent label, D/Bess Recordings. The album is mixed by David Nelson and mastered by Ken Lee, ensuring a polished and professional sound.

The album’s visual presentation is crafted by artist Terrance Zachery, who designed the artwork, while photographer Salaam Ali Sharif captures the essence of Hoop-La in the album’s cover. Executive producers Charles Morton and Winston Miller provide support and guidance throughout the album’s creation.

“Comin’ From The G-Side” serves as a testament to Hoop-La’s dedication and passion for their craft, as well as their ability to leave a mark on the gangsta rap scene. This album is a must-listen for fans of 90s West Coast hip-hop and those who appreciate authentic G-funk sounds.



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