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1 Introthatbumps 02:04
2 Money 04:05
Featuring – Jack ‘N’ Juice
3 Have U Ever (How We Do Thangs) 04:42
4 Take Ur Time 04:27
Featuring – Silk-E
5 Playa Call (Olayhehoo!!) 03:52
6 Deja Vu 04:41
7 Party Thang 04:01
Featuring – Otis N Shug
8 Tell Me… 03:14
Featuring – Biaje’
9 Goldengrooveinterlude 02:26
10 Situations 04:04
11 Shine 04:46
Featuring – Otis N Shug
12 Lyrical Metaphour (Andretti’s Solo) 03:24
13 Tucson Tale 03:20


“Goldenchild & Andretti” is the debut self-titled album by the rap duo from Tucson, Arizona. Released on August 28, 2001, by Midas Touch, this album brings together a captivating blend of gangsta rap and G-Funk sounds that were prevalent during the early 2000s. The album features a strong lineup of guest artists, including Jack ‘N’ Juice, Silk-E, Otis N Shug, and Biaje’, adding diversity and depth to the tracks.

The 13-track album kicks off with “Introthatbumps,” setting the stage for the duo’s lyrical prowess and unique style. “Money,” featuring Jack ‘N’ Juice, follows with an infectious beat and insightful lyrics about the pursuit of wealth and its consequences.

“Have U Ever (How We Do Thangs)” and “Take Ur Time,” featuring Silk-E, showcase the duo’s versatility, with catchy hooks and smooth rhythms. “Playa Call (Olayhehoo!!)” and “Deja Vu” continue the momentum with their distinctive beats and memorable lyrics.

“Party Thang,” featuring Otis N Shug, injects an upbeat vibe into the album, perfect for a night out with friends. “Tell Me…,” featuring Biaje’, is a heartfelt track that explores the complexities of relationships and emotions.

The “Goldengrooveinterlude” serves as a brief instrumental break before diving into “Situations” and “Shine,” featuring Otis N Shug. These tracks highlight the duo’s ability to tackle real-life issues with their lyricism and storytelling.

“Lyrical Metaphour (Andretti’s Solo)” showcases Andretti’s solo skills, while the closing track, “Tucson Tale,” wraps up the album with a compelling narrative about life in their hometown.

Overall, “Goldenchild & Andretti” offers a diverse and engaging listening experience, solidifying the duo’s place in the rap scene and leaving fans eager for more.



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