Go Getta Da PaperBoi – Mandatory Movement


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1 Hunnids 04:41
2 Love My Hood 03:39
3 Loyal To The Movement 04:20
4 Money Motivated 03:46
5 Money On Your Head 05:25
6 Nobody 04:22
7 State Property 03:44
8 Trap Stay Boomin 03:35


“Mandatory Movement” is a gripping mixtape by Fairfield, California-based rapper Go Getta Da PaperBoi, released on January 24, 2017, under Wit-Tha-Movement Ent. The project features eight tracks filled with intense lyrics, captivating storytelling, and hard-hitting beats that showcase Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s undeniable talent and passion for music.

The mixtape opens with “Hunnids,” a high-energy track that highlights the rapper’s love for the hustle and determination to succeed. “Love My Hood” follows, paying homage to Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s roots and the community that shaped him.

“Loyal To The Movement” is a powerful anthem that emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s beliefs and values, while “Money Motivated” showcases the rapper’s relentless drive to secure financial success. “Money On Your Head” delves into the darker side of street life, with Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s vivid storytelling taking center stage.

“Nobody” is a personal and introspective track that explores the rapper’s journey and experiences, while “State Property” serves as a bold statement about the harsh realities faced by many in today’s society. The mixtape concludes with “Trap Stay Boomin,” a catchy, upbeat track that celebrates the hustle and grind required to make it in the game.

“Mandatory Movement” is a showcase of Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s raw talent, unique perspective, and dedication to his craft, making it a must-listen for fans of authentic, hard-hitting hip-hop.



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