Gangster “K” – Promotin Pimpin


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1 Promotin Pimpin 03:31
Featuring – Lil Poison
2 Hard Young Pimp 03:17
Featuring – Tony (Spoony T) Steoughter
3 My Money Don’t Stop 02:51
Featuring – Malcom Meloren
4 Im Pretty Boy Gangster “K” 03:12
Featuring – D.J. X
5 Genius At Pimpin 03:20
Featuring – Tom Tom Club
6 Rollin Deep 02:34
7 Im Too Hard 03:02
8 It’s Tha “K” 02:21
Featuring – Isaac Hayes


“Promotin Pimpin” is an extremely rare EP release by Oakland-based rapper Gangster “K,” which hit the shelves in 1995 under the Pretty Boy Records label. This underground gem consists of 8 tracks, each showcasing Gangster “K”‘s unique style and lyrical skills that pay homage to the Oakland hip-hop scene of the mid-90s.

The EP kicks off with the title track “Promotin Pimpin,” featuring Lil Poison, which sets the tone for the entire project. The album continues with “Hard Young Pimp,” featuring Tony (Spoony T) Steoughter, and “My Money Don’t Stop,” with Malcom Meloren lending his vocals. Each track on the EP features Gangster “K”‘s smooth flow, clever wordplay, and catchy hooks that were characteristic of the West Coast hip-hop sound during that era.

“Im Pretty Boy Gangster ‘K'” features DJ X, while “Genius At Pimpin” includes contributions from the Tom Tom Club. The EP rounds out with “Rollin Deep,” “Im Too Hard,” and “It’s Tha ‘K’,” which features none other than the legendary Isaac Hayes.

“Promotin Pimpin” serves as a time capsule, capturing the essence of the Oakland hip-hop scene in the mid-90s. Gangster “K” demonstrates his ability to collaborate with various artists while maintaining his distinctive sound and style. Despite its rarity, “Promotin Pimpin” remains a sought-after piece of hip-hop history for enthusiasts and collectors alike, showcasing the depth and diversity of the genre during this period.


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