“Money Power Respect” is a captivating EP by Oakland-based rapper G Money, self-released on April 20, 2018. This project offers a genuine representation of G Money’s experiences and insights on street life, power dynamics, and the pursuit of success. With six hard-hitting tracks, the EP showcases G Money’s exceptional lyrical skills and his ability to captivate listeners with compelling storytelling.

Opening with “The Truth,” G Money sets the tone for the EP, delivering an honest and powerful account of his life and the struggles he has faced. The track highlights his dedication to authenticity, providing a strong foundation for the rest of the project.

“Facts” follows, with G Money offering razor-sharp observations on society and the complexities of the world around him. His ability to weave intricate narratives and clever wordplay make this track a standout moment on the EP.

“Turnaround” delves into the theme of personal growth and the journey to success. G Money’s introspective lyrics touch on the importance of learning from mistakes and embracing change, inspiring listeners to persevere through life’s challenges.

In “24 Bars,” G Money showcases his technical prowess with a rapid-fire delivery of hard-hitting verses. The track’s tight production and relentless flow make it a testament to his skill as a lyricist.

“Cuttin Up” offers a more laid-back vibe, demonstrating G Money’s versatility as an artist. The track explores the pursuit of a good time while navigating the complexities of the streets, providing a balanced listening experience.

The EP concludes with “Jumanji,” a high-energy track that leaves a lasting impression on listeners. G Money’s passionate delivery and infectious beat create a fitting finale for this captivating project.