G Maly – Free Mook


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1 Take Time 03:38
Featuring – Mook
2 Another 24 Hours 03:17
Featuring – Mook
3 Brothers Keeper 04:34
Featuring – Mook, B.G.
4 All I Know 04:04
Featuring – Mook
5 Rip Jacka 04:18
Featuring – Mook, Monie Boy
6 Flyer 05:00
Featuring – Dick Boston, Youngin Geechi, Dizzle
7 Ask 4 It 02:39
Featuring – Youngin Geechi
8 Waiting 04:48
Featuring – Mook, Rod The Goer
9 Everyday Struggle 03:25
Featuring – Mook
10 Im From A City 04:22
Featuring – Mook
11 She Down For Whatever 04:54
Featuring – Mook
12 Never Resting 03:50
Featuring – Dropz, Fat Prezzi
13 No Apologies 03:42
Featuring – K.E.L.L.S
14 Mook Outro 03:29


“Free Mook” is a compelling mixtape by Oakland rapper G Maly, released on February 10, 2017, under the True Society Music Group label. The project showcases G Maly’s exceptional storytelling skills and his ability to connect with listeners through relatable experiences and hard-hitting lyrics. The mixtape features a variety of guest artists, adding depth and diversity to the project.

The mixtape opens with “Take Time,” featuring Mook, offering a smooth introduction to the project with introspective lyrics and a mellow beat. G Maly and Mook set the stage for the rest of the mixtape, addressing themes of perseverance and self-reflection.

“Another 24 Hours” continues the reflective tone, with G Maly and Mook delivering captivating verses on the struggles of daily life and the importance of pushing through adversity.

“Brother’s Keeper” features Mook and B.G., emphasizing the importance of loyalty and camaraderie in the face of life’s challenges. The track’s emotional lyrics and raw delivery demonstrate G Maly’s ability to evoke powerful emotions through his music.

Throughout the mixtape, G Maly touches on various aspects of life in Oakland, from the emotional tribute to the late rapper Jacka in “Rip Jacka” to the gritty portrayal of street life in “Im From A City.” Each track offers a unique perspective on G Maly’s experiences, providing a comprehensive look at the life and struggles of an Oakland-based artist.

“Free Mook” concludes with the “Mook Outro,” a fitting end to the project that highlights G Maly’s undeniable talent and commitment to his craft. Overall, “Free Mook” is a captivating mixtape that showcases G Maly’s ability to create authentic and powerful music that resonates with listeners from all walks of life.



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