Funkdoobiest – The Funkiest


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1 The Funkiest 03:23
2 Bow Wow Wow 04:14
3 Ka Sera Sera 02:59
4 Freak Mode 03:27
5 Lost In Thought 03:40
6 Rock On 03:55
7 What The Deal 04:01
8 Wopbabalubop 03:44
Featuring – B-Real
9 Who’s The Doobiest 02:53
10 XXX Funk 03:56


“The Funkiest” is a compilation album showcasing the best of Los Angeles-based rap group Funkdoobiest. Released on January 1, 2001, by Sony Music Special Products, this collection brings together some of the most iconic tracks from the group’s career, highlighting their unique blend of Latin hip-hop and undeniable funk. The compilation also features a special guest appearance by B-Real of Cypress Hill fame.

With a lineup consisting of Son Doobie (Jason Vasquez), DJ Ralph M (Ralph Medrano), and Tomahawk Funk (Tyrone Pacheco), Funkdoobiest has been a force in the hip-hop scene since their formation in 1989. “The Funkiest” features 10 memorable tracks, including “The Funkiest,” “Bow Wow Wow,” “Ka Sera Sera,” “Freak Mode,” “Lost In Thought,” “Rock On,” “What The Deal,” “Wopbabalubop” featuring B-Real, “Who’s The Doobiest,” and “XXX Funk.”

This compilation provides a perfect introduction for new fans and a nostalgic trip for longtime supporters, capturing the group’s dynamic energy and innovative sound. From their catchy hooks to their smooth, rhythmic beats, Funkdoobiest has consistently demonstrated their ability to captivate listeners with their distinctive style. “The Funkiest” serves as a testament to Funkdoobiest’s lasting impact on the hip-hop landscape and their status as pioneers in the genre.



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