Funkdoobiest – Papi Chulo


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1 Papi Chulo (Part 1) (English/Spanish Chorus) 04:30
Featuring – Cobra Red, Daz Dillinger
2 Papi Chulo (Part 2) (English) 04:30
Featuring – Cobra Red, Daz Dillinger
3 Papi Chulo (En Espanol) 04:30
4 Papi Chulo Dub 04:29
Featuring – Cobra Red


“Papi Chulo” is a maxi-single released on October 28, 1997, by the Los Angeles-based rap group Funkdoobiest. The single, featuring a unique blend of Latin hip-hop and rap, was released under the RCA label and includes guest appearances by Cobra Red and Daz Dillinger. The single showcases Funkdoobiest’s signature Latin flavor and style, incorporating their versatile rapping skills and catchy beats.

The maxi-single contains four distinct tracks, each offering a different take on the “Papi Chulo” theme. Track one, “Papi Chulo (Part 1) (English/Spanish Chorus),” features Cobra Red, Daz Dillinger, and additional vocals by Nina Lares. Track two, “Papi Chulo (Part 2) (English),” also features Cobra Red, Daz Dillinger, and Nina Lares, but with an all-English chorus. Track three, “Papi Chulo (En Espanol),” offers a fully Spanish version of the track, and track four, “Papi Chulo Dub,” is a dub remix featuring Cobra Red and additional vocals by Nina Lares.

“Papi Chulo” was recorded at Track Record and mastered at MCA Music Media Studios. The maxi-single was produced by DJ Rectangle, mixed by Sergio Garcia, and mastered by Erik Labson. The artwork and design for the release were created by Pawn Shop Press, while Bill Dern Management handled the group’s management.

This release is a testament to Funkdoobiest’s ability to create memorable and catchy tracks that resonate with their diverse fan base. “Papi Chulo” offers a captivating blend of Latin and hip-hop influences, demonstrating the group’s continued innovation in the music industry.



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