Foulplayaz – Foulplayaz

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1 Introducing 00:50
2 Cul De Sac 04:11
3 Blow Up The Spot 03:37


“Foulplayaz” is a self-titled, self-released EP by the rap group from Los Angeles, California. Released in 1996, this cassette tape only release features three tracks that showcase the group’s G-Funk, Gangsta, and RnB/Swing styles.

The EP kicks off with “Introducing,” a brief 50-second track that serves as a precursor to the main content. This intro sets the tone for the EP and highlights the group’s distinct sound and style.

Next is “Cul De Sac,” a 4-minute, 11-second track that embodies the G-Funk and Gangsta styles prevalent in the 1990s West Coast hip-hop scene. The song features a funky bassline, smooth synthesizers, and catchy hooks, along with the group’s skilled rapping and storytelling abilities. This track showcases the Foulplayaz’s ability to create a laid-back atmosphere while addressing the gritty realities of life in Los Angeles.

Lastly, “Blow Up The Spot” is a 3-minute, 37-second track that leans more towards the RnB/Swing style. This song blends melodic hooks with hard-hitting beats, showcasing the group’s versatility and their ability to switch between different styles seamlessly.

Despite its short length, the Foulplayaz EP provides a snapshot of the group’s potential and talent, offering a glimpse into their unique sound and style. With its mix of G-Funk, Gangsta, and RnB/Swing, this cassette tape release is a rare gem for collectors and fans of the 1990s West Coast hip-hop scene.

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