FM Blue – Oakland Styles

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1 Gangsta At The Door 04:48
2 Oakland Styles 04:49
Featuring – Dame
3 Funk Master Blue 04:43
4 Balling Out Of Control 03:24
5 Nevada 04:39
6 Everybody Wore Black 03:58
7 Oakland Styles (Inst.) -9 04:48


“Oakland Styles” is the debut release by rapper FM Blue from Oakland, California. This EP, showcasing FM Blue’s early work, was released in 1993 under CELLBLOCK Productions. Comprised of seven tracks, “Oakland Styles” gives listeners a taste of FM Blue’s talent as an emerging artist in the hip-hop scene.

The EP begins with “Gangsta At The Door,” a powerful introduction that emphasizes FM Blue’s connection to the streets of Oakland. The title track, “Oakland Styles,” features Dame, and together they create a catchy, memorable anthem for their hometown.

“Funk Master Blue,” the third track on the EP, demonstrates FM Blue’s ability to blend storytelling and wordplay, further showcasing his skills as an MC. As the EP progresses to Side B, “Balling Out Of Control” offers a glimpse into the lifestyle and mindset of FM Blue, illustrating his rise in the rap game.

“Nevada” continues to highlight FM Blue’s storytelling skills, painting vivid pictures of life experiences and adventures. “Everybody Wore Black” brings a darker tone to the EP, emphasizing the gritty reality of life on the streets.

The final track, “Oakland Styles (Inst.) -9,” provides listeners with an instrumental version of the title track, allowing them to appreciate the production and musicality of the song.

Recorded at Live Oak Studios and engineered and mixed by Ant Banks and D-Wiz, “Oakland Styles” benefits from high-quality production and a strong team behind the scenes. The executive producer, David Brown, and the photography by Victor Hall, help complete the package and present FM Blue’s vision for his debut release.

In summary, “Oakland Styles” is a strong debut for FM Blue, showcasing his potential as an artist and providing a foundation for his future success in the hip-hop industry.

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