Fe Tha Don – Bag Of Cookies


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1 War Stories 03:41
2 Hubba Roc Muzic (Applause) 03:01
3 Who Go Stop Me 03:06
4 Turnt 01:57
5 Get It (Wet) 03:02
6 On Me 03:05
7 All The Chainz 02:54
8 Body Jump 03:03
Featuring – H.D
9 Im Rollin 02:38
10 Do Sumin 02:40
11 You Can See It 02:05
12 Bonjour 02:04
13 Never Be The Same 03:28
14 Weekend Luv 02:12
15 Caviar Wishes 02:04
Featuring – Shady Nate
16 #TruShit 03:06
17 Bring It All Back 03:07
Featuring – Jayrain


“Bag Of Cookies” is an exciting mixtape project by the Oakland-based rapper Fe Tha Don, released on March 10, 2014, by Hubba ROC Muzic. This project showcases Fe Tha Don’s unmistakable talent and his ability to create unforgettable tracks that resonate with hip-hop fans.

The mixtape kicks off with the powerful “War Stories,” setting the stage for the rest of the project. The following track, “Hubba Roc Muzic (Applause),” highlights Fe Tha Don’s signature style and flow. With the bold and confident “Who Go Stop Me” and the energetic “Turnt,” the mixtape keeps listeners engaged and entertained.

“Get It (Wet)” and “On Me” continue to showcase Fe Tha Don’s versatility, while “All The Chainz” adds a catchy, memorable track to the mix. “Body Jump,” featuring H.D, demonstrates Fe Tha Don’s ability to collaborate with fellow artists and create electrifying verses.

“Im Rollin” and “Do Sumin” keep the momentum going, followed by “You Can See It” and “Bonjour,” which add more depth to the mixtape. “Never Be The Same” offers a reflective and introspective track, leading into the smooth and laid-back “Weekend Luv.”

“Caviar Wishes,” featuring Shady Nate, adds another layer to the project, showcasing Fe Tha Don’s collaborative talents. “#TruShit” serves as a bold and catchy track, while “Bring It All Back,” featuring Jayrain, wraps up the mixtape on a high note.

In summary, “Bag Of Cookies” is a captivating and well-rounded project that showcases Fe Tha Don’s unique talent and voice in the world of hip-hop, leaving fans eager for more.



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