Family Bizniz Clique – High Powered Crime


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1 Intro 02:02
2 City Of No Good 05:15
3 Coattails 04:09
4 Ghettofornia 05:11
5 RedRum Season 04:58
6 Murderous Skills 03:23
7 Northside Thuggin 04:19
8 H.P.C. 06:31
9 Female Gee 05:08
10 Black Eye N Da Game 04:28
11 Murder Lane 04:14
12 Circle Of Ballers 05:43
13 Missin Link 03:36


“High Powered Crime” is a compilation album by Fresno-based rap group Family Bizniz Clique. Released in 1995 by N Da Zone Records, this album features 13 tracks that showcase the group’s Gangsta and G-Funk styles, reflecting the West Coast hip-hop sound of the mid-90s. The compilation serves as an ode to the gritty street life in Fresno, California, and the challenges faced by its residents.

The album begins with an “Intro” that sets the tone for the tracks to follow. “City Of No Good” paints a vivid picture of the group’s hometown, highlighting the harsh realities of life in a dangerous urban environment. “Coattails” and “Ghettofornia” showcase the group’s lyrical prowess and smooth flow, delivering a genuine West Coast sound.

“RedRum Season” and “Murderous Skills” delve into the dark themes of violence and crime that often accompany life on the streets. With “Northside Thuggin” and “H.P.C.,” Family Bizniz Clique represents their local neighborhood, proudly wearing their identity as a badge of honor.

“Female Gee” gives a nod to the strong and independent women who navigate the same treacherous environment as their male counterparts. “Black Eye N Da Game” and “Murder Lane” further explore the themes of struggle and survival in a city plagued by crime and poverty.

“Circle Of Ballers” acknowledges the camaraderie and loyalty among friends and fellow hustlers, while “Missin Link” serves as a reminder of the importance of staying true to oneself and one’s roots in the face of adversity.

“High Powered Crime” offers a raw and authentic look into the lives of Family Bizniz Clique members, highlighting the trials and tribulations of growing up in a city like Fresno. The album’s G-Funk and Gangsta influences make it a classic representation of West Coast hip-hop during its heyday.



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