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1 G-Ride Intro 00:26
2 G-World (Vocal) 04:50
3 G-World (Instrumental) 05:15
4 The Parole Hearing 00:42
5 Vocal Mayhem 187 Remix (Clean) 03:39
6 Vocal Mayhem 187 Killa (Dirty) 04:52
7 Vocal Mayhem 187 (Beats & Vocals) 04:53
8 Vocal Mayhem 187 (Clean, Music) 03:39
9 Vocal Mayhem 187 (Dirty, Music) 04:52


“Elgin K” is the self-titled debut EP by Los Angeles-based rapper Elgin K, released in 1995 under G-Ride Entertainment. The mini-album is a testament to Elgin K’s raw talent and unique style in the Gangsta rap genre, offering a combination of hard-hitting lyrics, gritty beats, and catchy hooks that showcase the rapper’s unmistakable presence in the hip-hop scene.

The EP opens with “G-Ride Intro,” setting the tone for the entire project and introducing listeners to Elgin K’s world. “G-World (Vocal)” follows, demonstrating the rapper’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities, accompanied by a complementary instrumental version.

“The Parole Hearing” adds a storytelling element to the EP, diving deep into the realities of life within the criminal justice system. The mini-album then takes a turn with “Vocal Mayhem 187,” which features several remixes and alternate versions of the track, highlighting Elgin K’s versatility as an artist.

The EP includes a clean and dirty version of the “Vocal Mayhem 187 Remix,” providing listeners with options to suit their preferences. Additionally, “Vocal Mayhem 187 (Beats & Vocals)” and the clean and dirty music versions of the track showcase the intricacies of the production and the rapper’s undeniable talent.

Though brief, “Elgin K” serves as a powerful introduction to the rapper’s distinct voice and style within the hip-hop genre, leaving listeners eager for more from this up-and-coming artist.



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