El Dogg – I Gotta Get My Sag On


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1 I Gotta Get My Sag On (Main Mix) 04:07
2 I Gotta Get My Sag On (Instrumental) 04:07
3 I Gotta Get My Sag On (Acapella) 03:48


“I Gotta Get My Sag On” is a single released by Oakland, California rapper El Dogg, also known as Eldridge Travis. The single was released on April 26, 1994, under the Mad Sounds Recordings label. Showcasing El Dogg’s distinctive style and talent, this hip-hop single features a catchy beat and memorable lyrics that reflect the culture and attitude of the time.

The single includes three versions of the song: the “Main Mix” (4:04), the “Instrumental” (4:03), and the “Acapella” (3:47). Each version offers a different experience for listeners and showcases El Dogg’s versatility as an artist.

The artwork for “I Gotta Get My Sag On” was designed by Shuana, with direction by Johnny and illustration by Loodacris. The photography for the single is credited to James. Steed Bracey produced the track, bringing El Dogg’s vision to life and capturing the essence of the rapper’s style.

“I Gotta Get My Sag On” is a testament to El Dogg’s talent and his ability to create a memorable and engaging single. As a snapshot of the mid-90s hip-hop scene in Oakland, this release demonstrates the rapper’s potential for success in the industry.

In addition to his work as El Dogg, Eldridge Travis has also released music under the aliases El, Mr. El, and his own name. Despite the different names, his unmistakable talent and unique style remain consistent throughout his discography.



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