Earl Swavey – Trained To Kill


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1 Freestyle 01:46
2 Practice What You Preach 02:29
3 V Lone 02:12
4 The Takeover 01:49
Featuring – NuttyBoy6200
5 Believer 02:50
6 Run Ricky 02:16
7 Who You 03:41
Featuring – Yhung T.O
8 Ttk 02:37
9 Not Bout 02:39
Featuring – Vonnie
10 Trap Boomin 02:48
Featuring – Rob Vicious
11 Maximum 02:43
12 Not At All 01:54
13 Ona Block 02:54
14 Tech 03:06
Featuring – TinyE
15 Rollie On My Wrist 02:33
Featuring – T4


“Trained To Kill” is a powerful mixtape by Los Angeles-based rapper Earl Swavey, released on September 28, 2018, under Swave Music. With features from NuttyBoy6200, Yhung T.O, Vonnie, Rob Vicious, TinyE, and T4, this project showcases Earl Swavey’s raw talent, hard-hitting beats, and authentic storytelling, making it a must-listen for fans of gritty, street-inspired hip-hop.

The mixtape kicks off with “Freestyle,” a high-energy introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “Practice What You Preach” follows, offering a strong message about staying true to oneself and living by one’s words. “V Lone” and “The Takeover” featuring NuttyBoy6200 continue the momentum, delivering catchy hooks and captivating verses.

Tracks like “Believer,” “Run Ricky,” and “Who You” featuring Yhung T.O showcase Earl Swavey’s versatility, delving into deeper themes while maintaining the mixtape’s overall hard-hitting vibe. “Ttk” and “Not Bout” featuring Vonnie serve as a testament to Swavey’s skillful wordplay and undeniable flow.

“Trap Boomin” featuring Rob Vicious and “Maximum” further demonstrate Earl Swavey’s prowess in crafting infectious tracks, while “Not At All” and “Ona Block” provide a glimpse into the rapper’s life experiences and personal journey.

The mixtape closes with “Tech” featuring TinyE and “Rollie On My Wrist” featuring T4, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Earl Swavey’s unique style and undeniable talent.

“Trained To Kill” is a powerful project that showcases Earl Swavey’s growth as an artist and solidifies his place in the hip-hop scene.



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