DJ Scarface – Dope


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1 Fo Ni Yay 03:39
Featuring – Big Prodeje, April Hendrix
2 All Guud Remix 02:45
Featuring – Big Prodeje, Cali Pitts
3 Like Bosses 02:55
Featuring – Big Prodeje
4 Dope 03:15
Featuring – Big Prodeje
5 That’s My Shyyt 03:05
Featuring – Big Prodeje, Gritz
6 Honest To God 03:01
Featuring – Big Prodeje, Kajmir Royale
7 I Don’t Know 03:18
Featuring – Big Prodeje, April Hendrix
8 Not At All 02:58
Featuring – Cali Pitts
9 Woosh Remix 03:13
Featuring – Big Prodeje, Henzee
10 Queen Like Her 03:47
Featuring – King Ras Pedro
11 First One 03:45
Featuring – Gritz


“Dope” is a mixtape by Los Angeles-based producer DJ Scarface, released on September 29, 2015, under the Scar/Face Muzik label. This project showcases DJ Scarface’s production skills, bringing together an eclectic mix of artists such as Big Prodeje, April Hendrix, Cali Pitts, Gritz, Kajmir Royale, Henzee, and King Ras Pedro.

The mixtape kicks off with “Fo Ni Yay,” a captivating track featuring Big Prodeje and April Hendrix. The energy continues with “All Guud Remix,” which introduces Cali Pitts alongside Big Prodeje. “Like Bosses” and “Dope” further highlight Big Prodeje’s rapping skills, cementing his presence on the mixtape.

“That’s My Shyyt” brings Gritz into the fold, adding a fresh dimension to the project. Kajmir Royale makes an appearance on the introspective track “Honest To God,” followed by the catchy “I Don’t Know” featuring Big Prodeje and April Hendrix.

The upbeat track “Not At All” showcases Cali Pitts’ talents, while “Woosh Remix” introduces Henzee alongside Big Prodeje. The mixtape takes a reggae-infused turn with “Queen Like Her,” featuring King Ras Pedro. Finally, “First One” closes the project on a high note with Gritz returning for one last appearance.

“Dope” is a testament to DJ Scarface’s ability to bring diverse artists together, creating a mixtape that highlights the talents of each featured performer while maintaining a cohesive sound.



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