DJ Muggs Featuring: Chace Infinite – The Last Assassin


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1 No Artist Intro 01:23
2 Self Scientific Jealousy 02:36
3 Xzibit, Kenny Knox Ride & Smoke (Derrty Version) 03:30
4 Chace Infinite Throw An Elbow 01:57
Featuring – Busta Rhymes, Sixx John
5 Cypress Hill Bang Out 02:57
6 Chace Infinite Get Em Up 02:25
Featuring – Sixx John
7 Unknown Artist Wake Up 02:19
Featuring – Proof
8 Chace Infinite Muggs Music 03:25
Featuring – Krondon
9 Cypress Hill Laugh Last 03:42
Featuring – Prodigy
10 Chace Infinite You Won’t Last 03:12
Featuring – Krondon, Xzibit
11 Chace Infinite 21 Gun Salute 02:44
Featuring – Big Gipp
12 Sen Dog Latin Thug 03:27
Featuring – Tego Calderon
13 Sixx John 3 For My 04:42
14 Big Pun Meets Incubus Big Pun Meets Incubus (DJ Muggs Mashup Mix) 03:03


“The Last Assassin” is a compilation album by DJ Muggs and Chace Infinite, both hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on July 5, 2004, by Angeles Records, this hardcore hip-hop album features a variety of talented artists including Self Scientific, Xzibit, Kenny Knox, Cypress Hill, Sen Dog, Sixx John, Busta Rhymes, Proof, Krondon, Prodigy, Big Gipp, and Tego Calderon.

The album starts with a brief intro before launching into “Jealousy” by Self Scientific, produced by DJ Khalil. Xzibit and Kenny Knox join forces on “Ride & Smoke (Derrty Version),” followed by “Throw An Elbow” featuring Chace Infinite, Busta Rhymes, and Sixx John.

Cypress Hill’s “Bang Out,” produced by The Alchemist, keeps the energy high, while Chace Infinite’s “Get Em Up” features Sixx John. Unknown Artist’s “Wake Up” highlights Proof, and Chace Infinite returns with “Muggs Music,” featuring Krondon.

Cypress Hill collaborates with Prodigy on “Laugh Last,” and Chace Infinite’s “You Won’t Last” features Krondon and Xzibit. “21 Gun Salute” sees Chace Infinite teaming up with Big Gipp, followed by Sen Dog’s “Latin Thug” featuring Tego Calderon and produced by The Alchemist.

Sixx John’s “3 For My” concludes the main album, while the bonus track, “Big Pun Meets Incubus (DJ Muggs Mashup Mix),” showcases DJ Muggs’ remixing skills with a fusion of Big Pun and Incubus.

“The Last Assassin” demonstrates the versatility and skill of DJ Muggs and Chace Infinite as they bring together a diverse group of artists to create a cohesive and powerful compilation album.



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