Def City Mob – Fire It Up


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Fire It Up 06:04
2 Coming Up Fast And Short 05:36
3 No Trust, No Luv, No Pain 06:56
4 You Can’t Fuck With Tha West Coast 06:19


“Fire It Up” is the one and only release by the rap group Def City Mob from Oakland, California. This maxi-single, released in 1995 by Def City Records, is a powerful showcase of the group’s talent and contribution to the hip-hop scene. The EP features four tracks, including a guest appearance by Sassy V, adding an extra layer of depth to the group’s sound.

The maxi-single kicks off with the title track “Fire It Up,” setting the tone for the rest of the EP with its energetic beat and powerful lyrics. Following this strong opener is “Coming Up Fast And Short,” which continues to display Def City Mob’s impressive skills in delivering hard-hitting rhymes and engaging melodies.

The B-side of the cassette starts with “No Trust, No Luv, No Pain,” a track that delves into the struggles and realities of life, showcasing the group’s ability to address deep and meaningful topics. Rounding off the EP is “You Can’t Fuck With Tha West Coast,” a song that pays homage to the group’s West Coast roots and celebrates their pride in the region’s hip-hop culture.

Produced by D-L-I Productions, “Fire It Up” boasts top-notch production quality that complements Def City Mob’s distinctive style. Though it remains their only release, the maxi-single demonstrates the group’s potential and the impact they could have had on the hip-hop scene had they continued to make music.


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