Deadly Game Clique – Propositionz


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1 DGC Introuble 01:45
2 Deadly Gamez 04:23
3 Black Majic 03:30
4 Suicidal Questionz 04:12
5 Dub Nitty 04:00
6 Money, Sex, N’ Dank 03:24
7 7 Deuce Juice 04:12
8 Breakin Em’ Off 04:07
9 14 Kt. Dreamz 04:38
10 187 Skillz 04:14
11 Hataz All Around 04:21
12 209 Sickness (Remix) 03:51
13 Low Down Anthem 05:10
14 Smooth Come Up 04:11
15 Do You See? (Commercial) 04:01
16 Outro 01:39


“Propositionz” is a compilation album by the rap group Deadly Game Clique from San Jose, California. Released in 1997 by Federal Recordz and executive produced by Dub, this album is a representation of the group’s raw talent and their contribution to the West Coast hip-hop scene. With a blend of gangsta rap and G-funk styles, Deadly Game Clique delivers a powerful listening experience through their gritty lyrics and captivating beats.

The 15-track album kicks off with “DGC Introuble,” setting the tone for the rest of the compilation with its aggressive lyrics and catchy beats. As listeners progress through the album, they’ll encounter tracks like “Deadly Gamez,” “Black Majic,” and “Suicidal Questionz,” showcasing the group’s diverse sound and unique approach to storytelling. Other standout tracks include “Dub Nitty,” “Money, Sex, N’ Dank,” and “7 Deuce Juice,” engineered, arranged, and recorded by Sir Dyno.

“Propositionz” features a variety of tracks that delve into different themes and moods, from the ambitious “Breakin Em’ Off” and “14 Kt. Dreamz” to the introspective “Hataz All Around” and “Low Down Anthem.” The album also includes a remix of “209 Sickness” and a commercial track, “Do U See?”

With design and layout by Phunky Phat Graph-X, photography by Chris Lyall, and mastering by Ken Lee at Rocket Lab, “Propositionz” stands as a professionally crafted compilation that highlights the potential of Deadly Game Clique. Although the group may not have achieved widespread mainstream success, their distinctive sound and style have left a lasting impact on the hip-hop scene.



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