Dead End – Lookin Dead At You


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1 Intro 01:12
2 Lookin Dead At You 05:33
3 Can’t Come Smoother 04:41
4 Do Me 05:44
5 The Shit 04:23
6 Understand 03:35
7 Switchin’ To Another Style 03:23
8 Pass The Wada 04:29
9 Choppin’ It Up 05:11
10 Now Its 8 And Now We Bailin 03:42
11 Outro 01:34


“Lookin Dead At You” is the only release by the rap group Dead End from San Francisco, California. This rare gem of a hip-hop album was released in 1993 by Power Pack Records, exclusively on cassette tape. The group’s music is characterized by its gangsta rap style, featuring raw lyrics and hard-hitting beats that capture the essence of the early ’90s hip-hop scene.

The album consists of 11 tracks, beginning with an “Intro” that sets the stage for the gritty and unapologetic vibe that pervades the entire record. The title track, “Lookin Dead At You,” showcases the group’s aggressive lyrical prowess and captivating beats. Other standout tracks include “Can’t Come Smoother,” “Do Me,” and “The Shit,” all of which demonstrate the group’s ability to craft catchy hooks and memorable verses.

On Side B, listeners are treated to tracks like “Understand,” “Switchin’ To Another Style,” and “Pass The Wada,” which continue to deliver the group’s signature sound. “Choppin’ It Up” and “Now Its 8 And Now We Bailin” further exemplify Dead End’s gritty storytelling and relentless energy. The album concludes with the “Outro,” bringing the listening experience full circle.

Art direction and graphic design for “Lookin Dead At You” were handled by Phunky Phat Graph-X, while executive production was managed by Shawn M. Richards, who also provided photography for the album. Producer and scratch artist Jeff Gray (Jag) contributed to the album as a co-producer alongside Dead End.

Despite its limited release and the group’s short-lived career, “Lookin Dead At You” stands as a testament to the unique and powerful sound of Dead End, representing a snapshot of the early ’90s West Coast hip-hop scene.


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