Dazzie Dee – Where’s My Receipt?


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1 Untitled 01:46
2 Unda Da Table 03:51
3 Ain’t No Busta’s This Way 04:36
4 Knee Deep 05:06
5 The Hood Is Good – The Ghetto 05:09
6 Everybody Wants To Be A Gangsta 04:30
7 When A G Meets A G-Stress 04:27
8 On My Cide 04:21
9 What’s In A Name? 04:12
10 I Remember – Now I Think About It 04:40
11 West Side Hoodsta’s 04:20
12 Sticcey Situation 04:22
13 C-Alright 04:40
14 Outro – Thanx – Ice Cube 06:09


“Where’s My Receipt?” is an incredibly rare album by Los Angeles-based rapper Dazzie Dee. Released in 1996 by Capitol Records, the album showcases Dazzie Dee’s talent in the hip-hop genre, particularly within the G-Funk style. This promotional, advance CD offers an exclusive insight into the rapper’s unique sound and collaborations with other prominent artists.

The album begins with an “Untitled” intro track, followed by “Unda Da Table” and “Ain’t No Busta’s This Way,” featuring uncredited appearances by Ice Cube and K-Dee. The G-Funk vibe continues with tracks like “Knee Deep,” “The Hood Is Good – The Ghetto,” and “Everybody Wants To Be A Gangsta.” “When A G Meets A G-Stress” features an uncredited performance by Sqeek Da Primadonna, while “On My Cide” includes uncredited contributions from Coolio and Tha Chill.

“What’s In A Name?” precedes “I Remember – Now I Think About It” and “West Side Hoodsta’s,” featuring an uncredited Mixmaster Spade. The album then moves on to “Sticcey Situation” and “C-Alright” before concluding with the “Outro – Thanx – Ice Cube” track, featuring another uncredited appearance by Ice Cube.

Dazzie Dee, whose real name is Lidell Williams, also goes by the aliases Big Sacc’s and Lidell Williams. He serves as the producer for track 11, while DJ Battlecat handles production duties for tracks 1 to 10 and 12 to 13. The album’s executive producers are Malik Levy and Stan Sheppard, with A&R by Capital Punishment.

“Where’s My Receipt?” offers a rare glimpse into Dazzie Dee’s musical prowess, making it a must-listen for die-hard fans and G-Funk enthusiasts.



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