Dangerous Dame & DJ Dopecut – Jumpin


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 OAKtown 03:49
2 The Real Thing 04:41
3 Jumpin 04:50
4 Better Love 04:12
5 My Name Is Dame 04:20
6 What Are You Smokin 04:22
7 I’m Coming Up 03:30


“Jumpin'” is a rare collaboration release by the late Oakland, California-based rapper Dangerous Dame (Damon D. Edwards) and DJ Dopecut. This cassette-only album was released in 1989 under James Edwards Sr. Enterprize and features a hip-hop style that laid the foundation for Dangerous Dame’s groundbreaking career in the Bay Area rap scene.

The album consists of 7 tracks, starting with “Oaktown,” followed by “The Real Thing,” “Jumpin’,” “Better Love,” “My Name Is Dame,” “What Are You Smokin’,” and concluding with “I’m Coming Up.” The album showcases the dynamic synergy between Dangerous Dame’s rapping and DJ Dopecut’s scratching, creating a unique and memorable sound that would help propel Dangerous Dame into the spotlight.

Though the album was released on cassette tape only, it remains a testament to the raw talent and creativity of both Dangerous Dame and DJ Dopecut. As one of the first Bay Area rap artists to sign with a major record company, Dangerous Dame’s early work, including “Jumpin’,” continues to inspire and influence upcoming hip-hop artists.

“Jumpin'” serves as a valuable addition to Dangerous Dame’s discography and a remarkable representation of the late rapper’s artistry, which has left a lasting impact on the hip-hop community.


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