Da Nite Nyrs – The Story, Struggle & Legacy


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1 What Now (Intro) 02:11
2 Set It Off 03:00
Featuring – Bold, Crooked Irae, Grizz, Popeye Locc
3 Crucial Reflections 00:11
4 Stay Ganxsta 04:34
Featuring – Bold, Endoe, Grizz, Skavilla-Da-Don
5 Well It’z On 02:41
Featuring – Endoe
6 Fosheeze Radio 187.4 Fm (Interlude) 00:58
7 Be Strong 05:34
Featuring – Chilly Boy, Endoe, Popeye Locc, Ryshé
8 Jump In-Jump Out 05:32
Featuring – Chilly Boy, Tahoe
9 Da Nite I Got Da Nani 05:19
Featuring – Endoe, Ryshé
10 Reincarnation 04:01
Featuring – Da Spirit Of Makavelli
11 Jim-Bo’z Anthem (Interlude) 01:01
12 Still Talkin Shit 04:06
13 Tuelevin 04:40
Featuring – Endoe, Popeye Locc
14 Chronic.com (Interlude) 00:16
15 Midnite Hour 04:32
Featuring – Big T, RBX, Young Rydas
16 Lonely Dayz (Medly) 05:00
Featuring – Skavilla-Da-Don
17 Hub City Rydas CPT Poetry Chapter 6 Verse 9 05:12
Featuring – Big T
18 Da Gamblas 04:54
Featuring – Sekoa (Big Blue) Alono


“The Story, Struggle & Legacy” is the only studio album by Compton, California rap group Da Nite Nyrs. Released in 2000 by Midnite Terror Entertainment, this album offers a powerful blend of G-Funk and Gangsta styles, reflecting the group’s unique sound and experiences in the Compton hip-hop scene. The album is a testament to the group’s dedication to their craft, showcasing their talent and versatility across its 18 tracks.

Opening with “What Now (Intro),” the album dives into a journey that explores the challenges, victories, and personal stories of Da Nite Nyrs. Tracks like “Crucial Reflections,” “Set It Off,” and “Stay Ganxsta” feature collaborations with other talented artists, including Bold, Crooked Irae, Grizz, Popeye Locc, and more, adding depth and variety to the album’s sound.

Throughout “The Story, Struggle & Legacy,” Da Nite Nyrs tackle various themes, such as perseverance in “Be Strong,” storytelling in “Da Nite I Got Da Nani,” and introspection in “Reincarnation.” These diverse themes resonate with listeners, offering an authentic portrayal of the group’s experiences and perspectives.

The album’s production is handled by Da Nite Nyrs themselves, with executive producer Diamond ensuring that the final product is polished and cohesive. “The Story, Struggle & Legacy” is a strong representation of Da Nite Nyrs’ talent and dedication, serving as a captivating introduction for those unfamiliar with their music.



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