Da Hoodstas – Hoodsta Madness


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1 Rapp Music 05:18
2 Jurrasic Ghetto 01:49
3 Hoodsta Madness 04:42
4 Deeper 04:37
5 Trunk Of Funk 02:55
6 My Nigga 01:06
7 Bow Wow 03:56
8 Victim Of The Gat 03:50
9 Yellow Tape 02:33
10 Slow Down 04:27
11 Anyone Can Rhyme 05:10
12 Toast To The West Coast 04:48
13 My Niggas 02:49


“Da Hoodstas,” a rap group from Los Angeles, California, released their only studio album, “Hoodsta Madness,” on April 26, 1994, under Strictly Lethal Records. The group consists of members Drano, Caffeine, and Lil D. This album features a blend of gangsta and funk styles, reflecting the West Coast hip-hop scene of the early 1990s.

The album opens with “Rapp Music,” setting the tone for the rest of the record with its hard-hitting beats and energetic flow. “Jurrasic Ghetto” and the title track “Hoodsta Madness” follow suit, offering listeners a glimpse into the group’s experiences and perspectives on life in the streets of Los Angeles.

Tracks like “Deeper” and “Trunk of Funk” showcase the group’s ability to create infectious grooves, while “My Nigga” and “Bow Wow” display their talent for storytelling and clever wordplay. “Victim of the Gat” and “Yellow Tape” delve into darker themes, addressing the harsh realities of living in a violent environment.

“Slow Down” serves as a reflective moment on the album, urging listeners to take a step back and appreciate the journey. “Anyone Can Rhyme” and “Toast to the West Coast” highlight the group’s love for their hometown and the hip-hop culture that thrives there. The album concludes with “My Niggas,” a tribute to their friends and fellow artists.

“Hoodsta Madness” was manufactured and distributed by Strictly Lethal Records, a testament to the group’s dedication to their craft and the authenticity of their sound. Though this would be their only album, Da Hoodstas left a lasting impression on the West Coast hip-hop scene with their unique style and powerful storytelling.



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