D-Loc – Up Close & Personal


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1 Up Close And Personnal 02:26
2 A Livin Hell 04:55
3 Brang Da Funk 03:59
4 Sumtin Fo Da Trunk 04:16
5 Hoogie Groupie 03:36
6 Re-Evaluate 04:52
7 Stackin Chips 04:14
8 City Livin’ 06:03
9 In Comin’ 04:16
10 What’s Goin On 04:20
11 Copp 2 A Lessa 05:39
12 Time Has Come 03:19
13 Like This Like That 03:24
14 Tha Scoop 09:05


“Up Close & Personal” is the second studio album by Oakland rapper D-Loc, released in 1998 under Forrest Bump Records. This album combines elements of Gangsta and RnB/Swing styles, showcasing D-Loc’s old-school rap roots and his impressive versatility. With a total of 14 tracks, the album was recorded and mixed at Spark Studio in Oakland, CA, and Urban Life Studio in Hayward, CA, and features collaborations with various producers and musicians.

The album begins with the title track “Up Close And Personnal,” setting the stage for the intimate and personal journey that unfolds throughout the album. “A Livin Hell” delves into the struggles of street life, while “Brang Da Funk” and “Sumtin Fo Da Trunk” showcase D-Loc’s ability to bring high-energy beats and catchy hooks that are perfect for bumping in the car.

“Hoogie Groupie” offers a lighter, tongue-in-cheek take on fame and relationships, while “Re-Evaluate” serves as a more introspective track, with D-Loc reflecting on his life choices and the importance of self-assessment. “Stackin Chips” and “City Livin'” provide a glimpse into the hustle and grind of urban life, as well as the challenges that come with it.

“In Comin'” features hard-hitting beats and confident bars, while “What’s Goin On” and “Copp 2 A Lessa” explore the societal and political issues of the time. “Time Has Come” signals a turning point in the album, with D-Loc expressing a sense of urgency for change. “Like This Like That” is a smooth, laid-back track with an infectious groove, and the album wraps up with “Tha Scoop,” a 9-minute opus that dives deep into D-Loc’s life and experiences.



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