D.E.X. – What They Want What They Need


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1 What They Want 02:30
2 Paper Chasin’ 04:08
3 Hangin’ Out 04:15
4 Ain’t No Stoppin’ 03:49
5 Say My Name 05:42
6 My Nigga 05:10
7 Erotica 04:49
8 What’s Happenin’ 04:24
9 Get High 03:42
10 Pay Back 03:54
11 I Got The Beat 03:56
12 Fa-Sho 04:21
13 It Ain’t A Thang 04:41
14 No Free Ride 04:14
15 Roll Wit’ Me 04:12
16 Crunk 04:03
17 All About Me 04:27


“What They Want What They Need” is the highly-anticipated second studio album from rapper D.E.X., hailing from Gardena, California. Released in 1999 under Brown Rice Entertainment, the album features a collection of 17 tracks that showcase D.E.X.’s signature Hip Hop style. With a versatile blend of smooth production and insightful lyricism, this album is a testament to D.E.X.’s growth and artistry.

The album kicks off with the title track, “What They Want,” featuring Famin and produced by Tony Touch. This energetic opener sets the stage for a series of captivating collaborations, including “Paper Chasin'” featuring CSW and produced by Battle Cat, and “Hangin’ Out” featuring Gabby and produced by D.E.X. himself.

“Ain’t No Stoppin'” and “Say My Name” further showcase D.E.X.’s lyrical prowess, while “My Nigga” and “Erotica” offer a more introspective look at the rapper’s life and relationships. Throughout the album, D.E.X. demonstrates his ability to collaborate with a variety of artists and producers, creating a diverse and engaging listening experience.

Tracks like “What’s Happenin’,” “Get High,” “Pay Back,” and “I Got The Beat” exhibit D.E.X.’s infectious energy and skillful wordplay, while songs such as “Fa-Sho,” “It Ain’t A Thang,” and “No Free Ride” delve into the realities of street life and the struggle for success. The album closes with “Roll Wit’ Me,” “Crunk,” and “All About Me,” a powerful trio of tracks that solidify D.E.X.’s place in the Hip Hop scene.

Overall, “What They Want What They Need” is a strong sophomore effort from D.E.X., highlighting his impressive talent and cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with in the West Coast Hip Hop community.



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