D.C Rarri – Traffic Bluez


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1 Visa 03:51
Featuring – H.T Benz
2 Tropic Models 02:38
Featuring – H.T Benz
3 Los Angeles Lane 04:25
4 Nights In Los Angeles 02:35
Featuring – H.T Benz
5 She Speaks Benz Language 02:38
6 Fly Sh** 02:59
Featuring – H.T Benz
7 Vibe With Me 02:31
Featuring – H.T Benz
8 Waved Out 02:37
9 Late Night Calls 01:28
10 Prized Dame 03:00
11 Come & Party 03:31
Featuring – H.T Benz
12 Meditation 03:54
Featuring – H.T Benz
13 Washington St 02:00
14 Decor 02:48
Featuring – H.T Benz


“Traffic Bluez” is a captivating project by Los Angeles-based rapper D.C Rarri, released on April 20, 2017, under the Triple Cross Music Group label. The album features guest appearances by fellow artist H.T Benz, who lends his talents to several tracks, creating a dynamic collaboration that showcases the chemistry between the two artists.

The album kicks off with “Visa,” featuring H.T Benz, setting the tone for an engaging listening experience with its catchy beats and smooth flow. “Tropic Models,” also featuring H.T Benz, introduces listeners to the duo’s storytelling abilities and the vibrant world they inhabit.

“Los Angeles Lane” is a tribute to the city they call home, while “Nights in Los Angeles,” featuring H.T Benz, explores the exhilarating nightlife that the City of Angels has to offer. “She Speaks Benz Language” and “Fly Sh**,” with H.T Benz, further demonstrate the unique chemistry between D.C Rarri and H.T Benz, as they deliver powerful verses over infectious beats.

“Vibe With Me” and “Waved Out” showcase D.C Rarri’s versatility as an artist, as he effortlessly switches between different styles and flows. “Late Night Calls” and “Prized Dame” delve into the more introspective aspects of life, while “Come & Party” and “Meditation,” both featuring H.T Benz, provide listeners with a glimpse into the duo’s more contemplative side.

The album closes with “Washington St” and “Decor,” featuring H.T Benz, rounding off a project that is a testament to D.C Rarri’s talent and his ability to collaborate with like-minded artists to create a cohesive and engaging sound.



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