Custom Made – Compton Effect


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1 Compton Scattering 05:47
2 Skelter 02:45
3 Take’n The Heat Again 03:33
4 Boneyard Christmas 02:56
5 Red Pineapple 03:01
6 Aboriginal Eight-Ball 03:07
7 Sharpen Your Steel 03:19
8 Juice Monkey 02:59
9 Dead Willow Park 03:12
10 Freestyle Up 03:47
11 Bang Bang 03:44
12 Squad Formation 03:34
13 Chaos Patrol 03:37
14 Val In Mind 05:33
15 Old South Tricycle 03:33
16 I’m On Parole 02:53
17 Soda Pop 03:55
18 Crash Bars 03:55
19 Remember Your Roots 05:43
20 Rack ‘N’ O’pinion 02:09
21 The Hour Of Power 03:33


“Compton Effect” is a gritty and engaging project by Los Angeles-based rap group Custom Made, released on September 3, 2015, through DT Projections. The mixtape is a testament to the group’s ability to create raw, authentic hip-hop music that reflects the reality of life in Compton and the surrounding areas.

The mixtape starts with “Compton Scattering,” setting the stage for an intense listening experience that delves into the urban landscape and the struggles faced by those living there. “Skelter” and “Take’n The Heat Again” continue to paint a vivid picture of life in the city, with hard-hitting beats and compelling lyrics.

“Boneyard Christmas” and “Red Pineapple” showcase Custom Made’s storytelling prowess and their ability to create atmospheric tracks that transport listeners to another world. “Aboriginal Eight-Ball” and “Sharpen Your Steel” bring a more aggressive energy to the mixtape, while “Juice Monkey” and “Dead Willow Park” provide a perfect balance between introspection and raw emotion.

“Freestyle Up,” “Bang Bang,” and “Squad Formation” demonstrate the group’s versatility and skill as they switch between different styles and flows with ease. “Chaos Patrol” and “Val In Mind” explore the darker aspects of life on the streets, while “Old South Tricycle” and “I’m On Parole” tackle the consequences of living in such an environment.

“Soda Pop,” “Crash Bars,” and “Remember Your Roots” serve as a reminder of the importance of staying grounded, regardless of the circumstances. The mixtape comes to a close with “Rack ‘N’ O’pinion” and “The Hour Of Power,” solidifying Custom Made’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene.



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