CPO – This Beat Is Funky


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 This Beat Is Funky (Mo Better Funky Remix) 05:44
2 This Beat Is Funky (Video Mix) 03:14
3 The Movement (Remix) 03:16
4 The Movement (LP Version) 03:16


“This Beat Is Funky” is a 1990 maxi-single released by the Los Angeles rap group CPO (Capital Punishment Organization). The maxi-single, which was released under Capitol Records, showcases the group’s energetic style and ability to craft infectious beats and memorable hooks. The release features two distinct tracks, “This Beat Is Funky” and “The Movement,” each with a unique remix alongside the original LP version.

The A-side of the vinyl features two versions of “This Beat Is Funky.” The “Mo Better Funky Remix” has a run time of 5:41 and boasts additional composition by M.C. Ren, drums by Ron Krasinski, horns by The Martin Brothers, and organ by L.A. Dre. The “Video Mix,” co-produced by “The Incredible Young D,” is a slightly shorter version, clocking in at 3:15.

On the B-side, “The Movement” also appears in two iterations. The remix, produced by M.C. Ren “The Ruthless Villan,” has a run time of 3:15, while the LP version is one second longer and features co-production by “The Incredible Young D.”

The maxi-single was recorded and mixed at Audio Achievements and features guitar and bass by Mike “Crazy Neck” Sims, scratches by The Almighty D.J. Train, and engineering and mixing by Donovan “The Dirt Biker” Sound. Management for CPO was provided by Jerry Heller.


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