Conejo – Reign Supreme 3


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1 All I Got 03:13
2 Lil’ Homie Was A G 03:20
3 Dead And Gone 01:38
4 I’ll Be Around 03:49
5 That Raw Raw 01:36
6 Primo’s And Coronas 01:27
7 Revenge Served Cold 2 02:28
8 Still Chevy Riding 01:37
9 Got News For You 02:26
10 Medicina 01:40
11 The Cops Wanna Kill Us 02:37
12 Stay Gangsterific 05:02
13 The Real Ones Pt. 2 03:43


“Reign Supreme 3” is a dynamic project by Los Angeles-based rapper Conejo, released on November 13, 2016, under the Sinister Kingdom Music label. The album consists of 13 hard-hitting tracks that showcase Conejo’s distinctive style and unapologetic lyricism.

The album opens with “All I Got,” a powerful introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “Lil’ Homie Was A G” tells a gripping story of street life and loss, while “Dead And Gone” delves into the harsh realities of life and the inevitability of death.

“I’ll Be Around” showcases Conejo’s ability to blend introspective lyrics with an infectious beat, and “That Raw Raw” delivers a brief but potent dose of Conejo’s lyrical prowess. “Primo’s And Coronas” serves as a laid-back interlude, giving listeners a chance to catch their breath before diving back into the album’s heavier themes.

“Revenge Served Cold 2” is a sequel to Conejo’s earlier work, offering a fresh perspective on the concept of vengeance. “Still Chevy Riding” is an ode to cruising through the streets of Los Angeles, while “Got News For You” presents a direct message to Conejo’s adversaries.

“Medicina” offers a brief but impactful look at the role of drugs in street life, and “The Cops Wanna Kill Us” addresses the issue of police brutality and its impact on marginalized communities. “Stay Gangsterific” is a hard-hitting anthem celebrating Conejo’s resilience and dedication to his craft.

The album concludes with “The Real Ones Pt. 2,” a sequel to a previous track that reaffirms Conejo’s loyalty to those who have remained true to themselves and their roots. Overall, “Reign Supreme 3” is a powerful project that highlights Conejo’s talent and unwavering commitment to his craft.



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