Closed Caption – Greens


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1 Town Affiliated 00:51
2 2-4-15 04:48
3 HoznDaBack 03:42
4 Malibu Rum 05:56
5 Fadangle 06:09
6 Hectic Lifestyle 03:56
7 All Niter 04:49
8 Bullet On Da Logo 03:50
9 Keep Stackin – The ESO Version 05:32
10 Stick Up 04:17
11 Catch 22 03:39
12 Get These Zips Off 04:09
13 Summer/Winter 04:04
14 Hit The Cock 03:46
15 Keep On Stackin 05:18
16 Greens 04:04


“Greens” is the second studio album by Oakland, California rap group Closed Caption, released in 1996 by Dogday Records. Comprising members J. Rich, Raenell, and Stevie K., Closed Caption brings their signature G-Funk and hip-hop style to this 16-track album, showcasing their versatility and unique sound.

The album opens with “Town Affiliated,” a brief introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the record. Tracks like “2-4-15,” “HoznDaBack,” and “Malibu Rum” display the group’s flair for catchy hooks and engaging lyrics. “Malibu Rum” also features female vocals by Francine Dominguez and Keisha Wiggins, as well as scratches by MK II. Other standout tracks include “Fadangle,” “Hectic Lifestyle,” “All Niter” with guitar by David Byrd, and “Bullet On Da Logo.”

The album’s production is mainly handled by Stevie K., who produced tracks 2 to 6 and 8 to 16, while Boots produced track 7. Recorded and mixed at The Ice Chamber and After Dark Studios, the album was mastered at Rocket Lab by Ken Lee. The project features bass by Rick Flipside on tracks 4, 8, 11, and 15, along with a variety of other musicians and vocalists, such as Yvette Pylant, who contributed backing vocals on several tracks.

Art direction, layout, and graphics for the album were created by Todd D. Smith, with photography by Mark Madeo. Executive producers for this project were Chris and Jo.

Though Closed Caption’s “Greens” may not have garnered widespread mainstream attention, it remains an enjoyable listen for fans of 90s hip-hop and G-Funk, highlighting the group’s authentic Oakland sound and distinct style.



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