Christafire – Time Iz Money


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1 What You Know About That Life 03:47
2 To The Money 04:20
Featuring – A Classik
3 She’s Bad 02:51
4 Tear It Up 02:35
Featuring – A Clask
5 Now I Gotta Fuck ’em Up 03:33
6 The Bump 03:28
Featuring – Tha Chill
7 Cali Streets 04:39
Featuring – A Clasik
8 Roll That Smoke 04:21
9 Whats Up Baby 03:52
Featuring – Gbizo, A Clasik
10 Playboi Crush 03:09
11 Gotti 03:44
12 Real Niggaz Don’t Change 02:28
13 No More Wasting Time 03:15
14 U Knooooooww! 03:29
15 Winner 03:17
16 Feelin You 03:01
17 Love Undefined 03:13
18 Sunshine 03:36
19 T.O.P. 02:59
20 Everything To Lose 03:38


“Time Iz Money” is a captivating project by rapper Christafire hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on December 12, 2014, under the Nach Life label, this album showcases Christafire’s exceptional talent as a lyricist and storyteller, blending hip-hop with elements of West Coast sounds.

The 20-track album kicks off with “What You Know About That Life,” setting the stage for the musical journey ahead. “To The Money,” featuring A Classik, follows with a catchy hook and powerful beat. Christafire’s versatility shines through on tracks like “She’s Bad” and “Tear It Up,” featuring A Clask.

Collaborations with renowned artists such as Tha Chill on “The Bump” and Gbizo on “Whats Up Baby” demonstrate Christafire’s ability to work seamlessly with fellow musicians. Tracks like “Cali Streets,” “Roll That Smoke,” and “Playboi Crush” showcase the album’s West Coast influence, while “Gotti” and “Real Niggaz Don’t Change” deliver strong messages and raw authenticity.

Closing tracks like “Love Undefined,” “Sunshine,” “T.O.P.,” and “Everything To Lose” round out the album, leaving listeners with a sense of completion and satisfaction. “Time Iz Money” is a testament to Christafire’s undeniable talent and his ability to create a cohesive, engaging, and memorable project.



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