Chris Lockett & G Lean – Gmail


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1 Intro 01:25
2 Gmail 02:56
3 A Kite From M.A.C. 03:51
4 Situations 03:48
Featuring – Don’t Listen Eizzle
5 The Fortune 07:00
Featuring – Birch Boy Barie, Skii, Chevy Crocker
6 Mail 1 00:19
7 Lose Ya Blood 02:16
8 Chemestry 03:24
9 Pray For It 04:06
Featuring – Toohda Band$
10 Predators 03:44
Featuring – Young Ro, Whip Game
11 Neva Had Shit 03:53
Featuring – Young Mezzy, Chevy Crocker
12 Mail 2 00:18
13 The Good News List 04:41
Featuring – Monee Monroe, Lil Stixx, Young Mezzy
14 Mail 3 00:49
15 Since 11 Years Old 03:26
Featuring – Danny From Sobrante
16 Topic Of Discussion 04:27
Featuring – Imagine, Song Bird, Lil Stixx, Young Dooda, G-Stack


“Gmail” is a collaborative project by rappers Chris Lockett and G Lean, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on June 7, 2017, under Mouthpiece Society and Hittin Spittin Ent, the album showcases the duo’s talent in blending their individual styles while maintaining a cohesive sound throughout the 16-track project.

The album kicks off with an “Intro” and quickly moves into the title track, “Gmail,” setting the tone for a collection of songs that blend streetwise narratives with introspection and social commentary. The third track, “A Kite From M.A.C.,” offers a gripping story of life and struggle, while “Situations” features Don’t Listen Eizzle and discusses the complexities of everyday life.

“The Fortune,” featuring Birch Boy Barie, Skii, and Chevy Crocker, is a 7-minute opus with a diverse array of rap styles and beats. The album includes three interludes titled “Mail 1,” “Mail 2,” and “Mail 3,” providing short breaks between songs and adding to the overall structure of the project.

Other standout tracks include “Lose Ya Blood,” “Chemestry,” “Pray For It” featuring Toohda Band$, “Predators” featuring Young Ro and Whip Game, “Neva Had Shit” featuring Young Mezzy and Chevy Crocker, “The Good News List” featuring Monee Monroe, Lil Stixx, and Young Mezzy, “Since 11 Years Old” featuring Danny From Sobrante, and “Topic Of Discussion” featuring Imagine, Song Bird, Lil Stixx, Young Dooda, and G-Stack.

“Gmail” is a showcase of the diverse range of talent in Oakland’s hip-hop scene, with Chris Lockett and G Lean demonstrating their ability to collaborate effectively while retaining their own unique styles. The album is a testament to the strength of Oakland’s hip-hop community and a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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