Chris Lockett – Approval Code 2


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1 Freebanz Movement 02:42
Featuring – Mike C
2 Lamborghini Dreaming 04:33
3 Daily 03:32
Featuring – Chevy Crocker
4 Smack 03:25
Featuring – G Lean
5 I Don’t 03:43
6 Murder Story 03:49
Featuring – Young Klep
7 One Time 03:59
Featuring – Whip Game
8 Breaking Down My Backwood 04:29
9 Feel It On The Inside 04:39
10 Knock A N…. Down 05:40
11 Savages 02:57
Featuring – Birch Boy Bari
12 Pod Time 04:06
Featuring – Street Hack
13 Focus 03:30
14 Bitch I Need Banzs 05:10
Featuring – Lil CDA
15 Makin It Flip 03:34
Featuring – Cali Black
16 Mafia 02:56
17 Wars 04:02
18 The Outro 04:03


“Approval Code 2” is a solo project by Oakland rapper Chris Lockett, released on March 2, 2017, under Mouthpiece Society and Hittin Spittin Ent. Building on the momentum of his collaborative project “Gmail,” Lockett showcases his versatility and lyrical prowess throughout the 18-track album.

The album opens with “Freebanz Movement,” featuring Mike C, a track that captures the energy of Lockett’s signature style. The following track, “Lamborghini Dreaming,” delves into aspirations and the pursuit of success. “Daily,” featuring Chevy Crocker, highlights the challenges and experiences of day-to-day life.

“Smack,” a collaboration with G Lean, is a hard-hitting track that showcases the chemistry between the two artists. Songs like “I Don’t” and “Murder Story” featuring Young Klep delve into darker themes and narratives, while “One Time” featuring Whip Game offers a more introspective look at life and struggle.

“Breaking Down My Backwood” and “Feel It On The Inside” showcase Lockett’s ability to craft vivid stories and imagery through his lyrics. “Knock A N… Down” and “Savages,” featuring Birch Boy Bari, bring a more aggressive tone to the album, while “Pod Time” featuring Street Hack and “Focus” emphasize the importance of determination and perseverance.

“Bitch I Need Banzs,” featuring Lil CDA, and “Makin It Flip,” featuring Cali Black, touch on the pursuit of financial success and the hustle required to achieve it. The album closes with “Mafia” and “Wars,” two tracks that further solidify Lockett’s standing as a skilled lyricist, followed by “The Outro,” which ties the project together and leaves listeners eager for more.



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