Calamity – Do Or Die


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Do Or Die 02:30
2 Intellectual Ruler 04:32
3 Victim And A Suspect 05:01
4 Melodies 04:37
5 Full Moon Flow 06:27


Do Or Die is a highly sought-after and rare cassette EP by rapper Calamity from Emeryville, California. Released in 1995 by Low Land Music, this EP represents the gritty, authentic sound of the mid-90s Gangsta hip-hop scene. The cassette tape format adds to the nostalgia and collectability of this gem, making it a must-have for true hip-hop aficionados.

The EP consists of five powerful tracks that showcase Calamity’s lyrical prowess and unique style. Side A features “Do Or Die,” “Intellectual Ruler,” and “Victim And A Suspect,” while Side B includes “Melodies” and “Full Moon Flow.” Each track delivers a distinctive listening experience, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

The artwork for Do Or Die was created by Phunky Phat Graph-X, adding to the EP’s overall visual appeal. The tracks were recorded by Crazy V at the renowned Pajama Studio in Oakland, CA, ensuring top-notch production quality that complements Calamity’s raw talent.

As a rare and highly sought-after release, Do Or Die is a testament to Calamity’s impact on the hip-hop scene during this era. The EP’s undeniable authenticity and skillful execution make it a must-have for dedicated fans and collectors alike.


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